It's Colorado Time

Winter Wilderness Series

Winter is here, time to hit the slopes and then grab a beer. Time to start planning your winter vacation, or free up your weekends and pack in your station….wagon?! (I don’t know why this turned in to a poem, but)…this is the year to find your inner Wildebeest, Plow the POW, and Visit Winter Park, Colorado.

To share our love for winter with all you guys/gals, we created the Winter Wilderness Series where we will feature weekly articles about our noteworthy experiences this winter! We are kicking off our Winter Wilderness Series October 21st by asking our readers and social followers to vote for their favorite way to get wild this winter. The winning activity will appear front and center on our Winter Wilderness Series sticker sheets and passed out throughout the winter at various locations and events.

Poll Results

1st Festivities (184)   |   2nd More Winter (158)  |  3rd Skiing (135)  |  4th Snowboarding (112)   |   5th Lodging (81)  |  6th Après Ski (75)


How do you like to get Wild?

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