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Mary’s Pond Trail

Enjoy a Full Exercise Around Mary’s Pond

Mary’s Pond Trail is a beautiful and interactive trail that, although loops around a private lake, is open for everyone. The entrance to Mary’s Pond is right past Mountain Man Park, and the pond can be seen from highway 40. Although a very short trail, it is incredibly versatile and full of different aspects to explore and enjoy. The well-kept loop is attached to the Fraser Trail, and participants can extend their walk as long as they want.

The trail employs the use of new hiking QR Codes. These scannable codes are a great guide to a walk or workout. They provide simple workouts that can be tweaked to match individual difficulty levels. At Mary’s Pond Trail, the first station guides you in breathing and alignment exercises. The rest of the workouts challenge different areas of your body: lower, core, and upper. The workouts and stretches are balanced and make the participants feel healthy and centered by the end.

If you are hiking with a large group, Mary’s Pond Trail provides perfect balance. The trail can be completed by people of all ages. Kids will love the surrounding wilderness while seniors will find little trouble with the trail’s elevation and length. The trail also has a fire pit with elevated benches and firewood at the ready. The whole crew can enjoy the warmth of a fire while the reflection in the pond. All of these beautiful caveats of the trail come with sprawling mountain backgrounds.

Fishing is prohibited at the pond, but the nearby Fraser River Trail offers world class fishing for anyone. Mary’s Pond Trail, being close to Mountain Man Park and Fraser Trail, is a great launch point for more outdoor activities throughout the Rendezvous Development. When you’re done hiking, play on the playground or have a barbecue under the Mountain Man Park pavilion. Mary’s Pond Trail is quintessential for a relaxing evening outdoors.

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Jack Ross

Jack is new to the Colorado region, having only moved here a couple years ago, yet he’s been an eager explorer of everything that Grand County has to offer. He lives with his family in Granby and is currently a student at Tulane University in New Orleans.

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