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How to Survive Valentine’s Day, Winter Park, Colorado Style

If you’re worried about being single on Valentine’s Day, don’t be.
Here’s a list of 10 things to do if you’re single in Winter Park!

Get A Dozen

Buy yourself a dozen…beers from the local liquor store.
FACT: A Dozen Beers > A Dozen Roses.

Buy Flowers

Missing the flowers? Buy flowers and give them out to lift operators. (They deserve some Valentine’s Day loving too!)


Walk it Off

Go for a walk with your dog…or a friend’s dog.
Don’t have access to a dog? Walk a cat…or walk alone.

Be A Loner

Hit the slopes alone at Winter Park Ski Resort… You’ll get more done, and you might just meet a special guy/gal on the lift…

Stag a Movie

Rent  “How to Be Single.”
(Why go out when you can stay home and be your own Valentine?)

Photo Credit: How To Be Single Movie
Photo Credit: How To Be Single Movie

Make a Lover

Make a snowman or woman. You’ll never be lonely with a special snow-friend.


Put A Rock On It

Who needs a rock on your finger when you can have a rock under your fingers..? Hit up the Grand Park Recreation Center?

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 6.06.09 PM
Photo Credit: Google Images

Treat Yourself to Some Ice

Missing that “ice, ice, baby?” Head to the Fraser Valley Ice Rink…

Binge Eat

Eat your heart out for a fraction of the cost. Elevation pizza to-go anyone? (Way cheaper than a 3-course meal for two…)

best pizza in Winter Park Colorado

Listen Up

Don’t listen to your single friends complain about why they are single…listen to live music at Ullrs Tavern.
(Stay for the whole show and you will have survived Valentine’s Day!)

There you have it!

Take our advice, have fun, and survive Valentine’s Day 2017, Winter Park, Colorado Style!

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How to survive Valentine's Day
Article Name:
How to survive Valentine's Day
Guide to surviving Valentine's day being single.
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