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Visit Winter Park Winter Snowboarding Series #3

If you have been to Winter Park Resort in the last two weeks, you may have noticed the Snow Gods have been good to us. Let’s just say we have been getting powder days on the reg. People have varying definitions of what constitutes a powder day, but at the Visit Winter Park office we consider 6 inches or more a day of powder, and if we don’t have any deadlines to meet that morning we are given the opportunity to Shred the Pow.

Some of you may ask “What is so great about riding in powder?” Let me emphasize on SOME. We understand you may have a few decent points like, “My legs are burning”, “I fall too much” and “I can’t see with all those face shots”. Those are valid points, but if you ask pretty much anyone, the answer will be something like this, “When you are riding fresh tracks on a powder day, it’s like no other feeling on earth. For a brief moment, you feel weightless like you are floating down the mountain.” That sensation makes everything else seem minuscule.

Powder is a different kind of riding, it may not come easy at first, but once you get the hang of it, you can get addicted. Here are a few tips for riding on a powder day.

1. First and for most have FUN. Go into it with a good attitude. You are so lucky to have this opportunity that many can only dream of. When you radiate good vibes, you are bound to have a killer day on the mountain.

2. Wake up early. When you get up early, you have time to eat a good breakfast (you will need the energy) and get to the mountain before they start running the lifts. You don’t have to get first chair but you want to get on the snow before it gets all tracked out.

3. Lean back. You want the front tip of your board to ride on the pow, not under it. If you can master this, you will fall less, and shred more. If you are having trouble try setting your bindings back a little, this will take some of the strain off that back leg.

If you follow these simple tips and get out on powder days more often, you may just develop a power addition like the rest of us. You’re Welcome.

Photo Credits:

Trevor Humphres’s Instagram – Top Middle Photo

Tyler Macleod’s Instagram – Top Right Photo

Winter Park Resort Snow Stake – Center Photo

Rachel’s Instagram – Bottom Left Photo

Katie Jane Purdy’s Instagram – Bottom Middle Photo

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Jason Patchett-Gillis

Jason Patchett-Gillis
Originally from Key West, Florida Jason moved to Fraser, Colorado about two years ago with his wife and kid. He is known to wear many hats. He is an Art Director/Designer/Photographer/Writer for Visit Winter Park and O2 Creative. Jason has a good sized hat collection too. When he is not at the office, Jason likes to go on adventures with his family or friends.

Snowboarding powder day
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Snowboarding powder day
Tips on how to ride powder snow at Winter Park Resort on a snowboard.
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