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art of building a snowman

Family fun building a snowman

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The art of building a snowman

So you want to build a Snowman?

Snow will be the key to building a snowman, not only do you need it (obviously) but it needs to be the correct type of snow. If you’ve never been around snow, you might not know that there are many different types of snow. Read below about the different classifications of snowflakes.

A typical snowman is two or three snowballs of snow of varying sizes and then decorated. The largest, the base, should be substantial enough to support the other snowballs placed on top. The second, middle snowball, is slightly smaller than the base. The third should be the smallest and will be the head of your snowman.

You’ll want to build your snowman out of snow that has a wet consistency. Unlike the snow we all dream of riding or skiing on. This dream snow is a powdery consistency and doesn’t compact like the wet snow we are looking to build a snowman from.

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Use the Instagram tag #snowman when you upload your snowman to Instagram.

Where to build your snowman

Start by finding an area large enough and with enough snow to build your snowman. Create a small ball of snow and start rolling it around to build the base of the snowman. Once your base snowball is your desired size, repeat the process to create the middle and top snowballs for your snowman.

Size matters, how big should your snowman be?

Note: you’ve got to be able to lift the middle and top snowballs onto the base snowball so don’t make a snowman that you’ll need heavy equipment to assemble!
Success! You’ve now assembled your first snowman.

Assembling your snowman.

Assemble your snowman by placing the middle snowball on the base and securing it and finally placing the smallest snowball on top of the other two.

Fun Facts:

  1. Most snowfall in a 24-hour period: 100.8 inches in Capracotta, Italy on 5 March 2015. Source Wikipedia
  2. Average season snowfall at Winter Park Resort 348″. Source
Just like on the ski slopes style is half your game!

Your snowman needs to be dressed, it is winter and it’s cold outside. So let’s find some clothes for your snowman. You could use some of your old worn out clothing to dress the snowman, or you could go shopping at one our local thrift stores, like Changes Thrift store in Fraser, and find the appropriate snowman wear.

My son and I like to dress our snowman in a hat, scarf, a cape (my son is a superhero fanatic). We also give him eyes, a nose, a mouth, and ears. You can use the standards for your snowman facial features, like a carrot for the nose. We also use rocks for buttons, the eyes and the mouth.

Now that you’ve completed dressing your first snowman how about building this guy a snow family!

The art of building a snowman dress code!

Remember to dress appropriately for the snow. Snow is cold, and you’ll have your hands in the snow for an extended period so dress warm.
Layers are key to keeping warm in the cold weather. Also, waterproof or water-resistant clothing is a must.

  • Snow pants
  • Snow coat
  • Hat to keep your head and ears warm!
  • Gloves
  • Snowboots
  • Scarf, you might as well be stylish like your snowman and wear one!
Why build a snowman?

The most important part of the art of building a snowman is to have fun and enjoy the day with your family and friends. Take a break after building your snowman and have a cup of hot chocolate with the kids and warm up.

Looking for more Winter Park activities with the family then try snowshoeing.

After you’ve finished have a cup of hot chocolate, take a selfie with your snowman and post it with our tags. #VisitWinterPark #ItsCOtime

The four classifications of snowflakes.
  1. Columns
    Snowflakes that are shaped like a six-sided column.
  2. Dendrites
    Snowflakes that have 6 points shaped like a star. These are the classic snowflake shape.
  3. Needles
    Snowflakes that are long and narrow in shape.
  4. Rimed snow
    Snowflakes coated in tiny frozen water droplets.

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Family fun building a snowman
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Family fun building a snowman
Building a snowman with family and friends
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