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Tabernash Tavern Restaurant Tabernash Tavern Restaurant

Après Ski at Tabernash Tavern

Visit Winter Park Winter Après Ski Series #1
Tabernash Tavern Brick Wall Art

Aprés Ski at Tabernash Tavern

When thinking about Aprés Ski after a long day on the mountain, it might be easier to stop in at a restaurant in The Village at Winter Park Resort before heading to your condo or down the mountain. Of course, those are good options, but I challenge you to make an effort and delve into other options further down the Fraser Valley!

Turning left and venturing down HWY 40 is well worth your time. Drive through Winter Park and then Fraser, once past Fraser you might think you ran out of options but keep driving! Soon you find the unincorporated town of Tabernash with the charming and historic Tabernash Tavern right in the middle of town.

During the winter, Tabernash Tavern is open seven days a week and has Aprés Ski from 4-6pm Sunday-Thursday and 4-5pm Friday & Saturday. Dinner is served from 4-9pm with reservations recommended. Strolling into the restaurant you are greeted and get a sense of rustic charm that you can’t find anywhere else. The entire staff is more like a close knit family and welcome each guest to their table. 

Tabernash Taven’s menu changes seasonally so if you come to Winter Park and the Fraser Valley more than once a year be sure to include them on your “to do” list.

If you’re the type to venture off the beaten path after a full day of skiing, we’ve broken down the happy hour menu for you. Hopefully, this will stimulate your tastes buds and excite you to give them a try for Aprés Ski!

Tavern Mussels

Choose from five mussel dishes: Meuniére, Martini, Diablo, Guajillo, and French Onion. We got to try the Diablo, a plate that has been popular since they opened in 2008 – Diablo includes mussels immersed in wine, tomato sauce, and chili. This hot dish includes bread for soaking up all the spicy deliciousness.

Drink Tip: Tabernash Tavern has won several awards from Wine Spectator. A red glass of wine pairs well with the Diablo Mussels. Make sure to ask your server for the best wine pairing for any appetizer or main dish so you don’t miss the full international culinary journey that Chef Al translates into each dish!

Crab Cake Raviolis

Crab Cake Raviolis

Next, we sampled the Crab Cake Raviolis – When presented with this dish, our curiosity sparked by the cornmeal batter outer shell. After dipping the crusted ravioli into the remoulade, I could not wait to take a bite. Lots of textures and flavor played around as the crab cake filling burst into my mouth. A great dish for sharing with your dinner date!

Before moving on to more food bites, we had to cleanse our palate with a couple of sips of Spaten beer. I love that they have this German beer standard on tap served in a tall glass–a premium lager that’s not too hoppy. During happy hour ask the bartender (his choice) which draft beers are included so you get the discount.

Kung Pao Calamari paired with Holiday Martini

Kung Pao Calamari

If you’ve never been to Tabernash Tavern and if you like calamari, try it with an Asian twist! Kung Pao Calamari is coated in a sweet chili glaze topped with carrots, sweet peppers and wasabi peas (why not?) for an extra kick. Kung Pao Calamari is a favorite appetizer and has also been around since they opened.

Along with the calamari, we tried their TT Holiday Martini consisting of Deep Eddy Cranberry Vodka, Triple Sec, fresh lime juice and a splash of soda, TASTY!

Buffalo Brussels

Buffalo Brussels

Not a fan of Brussel Sprouts? Then you never tried them with buffalo hot sauce! Topped with glazed walnuts and a nice helping of blue cheese on top. I tried to get a crispy brussel sprout, a chunk of blue cheese, a couple of glazed walnuts onto the fork and then dipped it all in the roasted garlic ranch, so rich and yummy I had to do it all over again!

Cajun Nachos

A southern twist on a southwest dish indeed displays Chef Al’s expertise in taking something ordinary and making it extraordinary. Red bean, andouille sausage, crawfish, fried okra, corn pico, beignets, spicy chips and bacon sugar! The chips and beignets on the side were ideal for sharing and kept the crispness of the chips for scooping. Nothing worse than getting soggy chips!

To add to the nachos what could be better than washing it down with a Moscow mule–a local’s favorite cocktail with vodka, spicy ginger beer, and lime juice, garnished with a slice of lime.

Mac & Cheese

Mac and Cheese

It seems like every restaurant has Mac and Cheese on the menu because it’s simply yummy. But Tabernash Tavern offers three kinds for you or the kiddos. Lobster, Vegetarian or Duck.

We were able to taste the Lobster Mac and Cheese–this appetizer came out steaming hot with a golden crust on top. Truly a comfort food with unique ingredients that makes it deluxe!

Bordealis Picnic

Bordealis Picnic

Staying for Dinner? All of Tabernash Tavern’s dishes have generous portions, so the Bordealils Picnic is perfect for sharing with a group. Entertain your taste buds with old world cheeses, fruits, olives, nuts, baguette, artisan meats, mustard, pate, crudité, Plugra butter, cornichon and white bean vinaigrette!

So there you have it, leave the slopes a little early and venture out of Winter Park. I guarantee you’ll be glad you did!

For more info visit or call 970.726.4430. 

72287 US Hwy 40
Tabernash, CO 80478

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