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Leftover Salmon’s Solshine Music Festival Winter Park, Colorado

Visit Winter Park Summer Festival Series #8

For those of you who didn’t make it out to the Solshine Music Festival last weekend, you definitely missed out on a good time. This FREE music festival at Hideaway Park started Friday with a full night of Leftover Salmon. The band began jammin’ around 7:00 p.m. attracting a big crowd of people to the front. My friend Jeff and I both made our way down to the front after grabbing a beer from the Odell Brewing Co. drink tent. Within seconds of getting to the front we spotted a group of friends. After making our way through the crowd of people dancing, hopping, and vibin’ to the music, we greeted our group and joined in on the fun. Leftover Salmon kept the crowd on their feet till a little after 10:00 p.m. but it didn’t seem like everyone was ready to head home.

For those who were not quite ready to call it a night, Ullrs Tavern hosted an after party featuring Gipsy Moon. My original plan for the night was to get a ride after Leftover Salmon, but I was still vibbin’ from the show. So I made my way over to Idlewild Spirits Distillery to see what Jeff was up to and grab a handcrafted drink. When I walked in they were packed with a wedding party and some people from the concert as well. Once it slowed down they did a last call, closed up, then all of us headed to the Gipsy Moon after party.

Ullrs was jam packed, it was like everyone from the Leftover Salmon show had the same idea and all squeezed their way in. Our group b-lined it to the stage but I had my eye on The Spot Grill. I grabbed an order of the mozzarella sticks then caught up with the rest of the group. We made our way to the front and joined in with the rest of the crowd. I think everyone would agree this was a night to remember. At one point of the night, Vince Herman Leftover Salmon’s singer jumped on the stage with his guitar and jammed with Gipsy Moon. #GipsySalmon #LeftoverMoon

The following day I took a different approach and brought the family to Solshine Music Festival Day Two. Unfortunately we missed most of Trout Steak Revival but we knew that if we got there early the boys wouldn’t last long. We caught most of The Record Company and then enjoyed a second dose of Leftover Salmon. There were plenty of children around to keep our two and a half year old entertained while we lounged and listened. Having a more relaxed day was a nice way to cap off the weekend and experience the band from another point of view.

The Patchett Family
Katie, Jason and their two boys, Katon and Jackson, love all things outdoors. Originally from the Sunshine State, this family of four loves the Colorado mountain lifestyle. Both Katie and Jason are former collegiate runners who still enjoy being very active. Jason is currently an Art Director at O2 Creative in Fraser and Katie is currently a “stay at home” mom, who is rarely at home.

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