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Duct Tape is The Local Skiers Fashion Statement


Look closely, somewhere on a local’s ski clothes, snowboards or skis, helmet or poles, is a swatch of duct tape. A badge of honor. Duct tape is the ultimate fashion statement. Duct tape speaks volumes about the weekly trips to the ski hill versus a five-day ski vacation. Duct tape says “I live here, in the beautiful Colorado Mountains, where outdoors is a way of life.”

Especially for children skiing and snowboarding equipment is passed from family to family as each child grows. Skiing is expensive and the community investment makes it easier to manage the cost. Sometime around October the phone calls start, “Hi, Johnny is in a size three ski boot now, I was wondering if Casey outgrew last year’s ski boots?” This shared equipment may require a few adjustments and a little duct tape but it is well worth the savings.


Ways to outfit growing kiddos with cost effective gear: 

  • Call your neighbor and see what they have!
  • Go to second hand shops in the Spring and Fall.
  • Look for Ski Swaps. These happen in large and small communities and are often advertised in the paper. Like last year’s cars sometimes “brand new” skis from the year before can be bought for practically nothing.
  • Check out the rental places in October. A season package rental deal for boots, poles, and skis often is only $100 bucks. Best part? If feet grow in the middle of season they will swap out the boots for free!

Getting out on the hill is more important than the look of the gear. So what your bindings are from Cousin Jim, your ski coat is from your brother, and your snow pants have a strip of duct tape down the leg? You can still rock the terrain park harder than that Texas kid in matching snow clothes and an unproven board! Besides, now duct tape comes in fashion colors. Make your own groovy brain bucket look! (I like a purple helmet with a cheetah stripe down the middle myself.) Wear your duct tape proudly as you swish down the powder on your 25th day on the mountain this year!

Here’s our very own Editor Eric Vandernail showing off his duct tape fashion!

Eric Vandernail Editor Visit Winter Park
Eric Vandernail Editor
Visit Winter Park

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